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RNDr. Petr Kohout

registered agent, responsible for the environmental section of the company

RNDr. Petr Kohout is expert with more than 20 years of experience in designing, control and evaluation of projects focused on monitoring components of environment. His first employment was in 1988 in the Geoindustria company, the largest geological company in the former Czechoslovakia, where he led the geophysical research activities. Since 1992 he has dealt with ecological pollution issues, projects focused on monitoring components of environment, and control and protection of sanitary conditions in work processes. Working in KAP spol. s r.o. (today Earth Tech CR s.r.o. company) and in Ecochem a.s. (since 1.9.2006 ALS Czech Republic spol. s r.o. company) he managed control and technical solution of projects assessing components of environment (underground water, rock environment, air, labour conditions).
In 2005 he co-founded the Forsapi s.r.o. company, in which he manages design, control and coordination of projects in the field of protection of environment, internal and labour sanitation. 
He takes part in contracts connected to design, implementation and evaluation of monitoring of components of environment. He provides clients with evaluation of monitoring of landfill underground waters quality, he is responsible for coordination of the Management of Groundwater in Industrially Contaminated Areas (MAGIC) international project with the CADSES INTERREG IIIB programme. In 2006 and 2007 he participated in assessment of the monitoring network as an underground water monitoring expert while dealing with monitoring of impacts of coal mine flooding in the area of the former mine of Siersza (Poland) within the WaterNorm project (Marie Curie Programme).
RNDr. Petr Kohout studied the Faculty of Science of the Charles University, he is member of professional associations (ČAH, ČAG), lecturer of the Czech Society for Quality, co-author of Czech Ministry of Environment guidelines for the field of sampling methods and author of various technical articles dealing with issues of evaluation of components of environments.

Ing. Milena Veverková

Studied Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, the Silicates Dpt. For a long time, she dealt with waste management and protection of environment as a teacher, designer, court-appointed expert and member of central bodies of national waste management administration. Currently, she works in the advisory company UNIVERZA-SoP, s.r.o. Prague.

Ing. Pavel Bernáth

Ing. Pavel Bernáth has been dealing with the environment monitoring issues for over 25 years. His first employment was at the Faculty of Fisheries in Vodňany, office for flowing water and basins in Dol u Libčic nad Vltavou. Then, using his hobby of fishing he started to focus on cleanness of water. After moving to the region of Liberec in 1984 he studied the issue of waste water purification in a machinery plant, which he left for the water laboratory of North-Bohemian Water Authority, OZ 05 Liberec. It was here that he started to co-operate with the state administration in the field of water quality control and waste control. After three years, he moved on to the Hygienic Station of the Liberec District, where he was responsible for hygienic laboratories. In 1994 he participated in opening of the first Ecochem association laboratory in Liberec. Here, he worked as a sampling and consulting activities manager up until 2001. Aside from water quality monitoring he dealt with issues of waste management (appointed person for evaluation of dangerous qualities of waste). Since 2001 he has worked as a self-employed person mainly. He specializes in waste water, wastes and related sampling activities. He worked as an external assessor of the water laboratories centre of the T.G.Masaryk Water Research Institute, ASLAB, later on for ČIA. For several years, he coordinated competence tests of laboratories in the CSlab s.r.o. company, for a shorter time in the FLOW GROUP s.r.o. company, too. After gathering experience in the state administration, at the State Environmental Fund and Czech Environmental Inspectorate he returened back to the Institute of Public Health in Liberec.

Ing. Pavel Bernáth studied the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, he is a lecturer of the Czech Society for Quality, o.p.s., co-authored Czech Ministry of Environment guidelines in the field of sampling methods and he wrote various technical articles dealing with waste water sampling.

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