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REFERENCE - remarkable projects - data interpretation, sampling and monitoring

  • Delivery of the Czech Ministry of Environment's Guideline - Sampling in Redevelopment Geology

    Delivery of the Czech Ministry of Environment's Guideline - Sampling in Redevelopment Geology (link to website here)

    Forsapi takes part in elaboration of sampling guidelines. In 2006, RNDr. Petr Kohout co-signed the Sampling in Redevelopment Geology Guideline. This was ordered by the Czech Hydrogeologists' Association, the other co-authors were RNDr. Zbyněk Vencelides (OPV spol. s r.o.), Ing. Pavel Bernáth (Flow-Group s.r.o.).

    WaterNorm – The Marie Curie Program (Framework Programme 6) – Development of the Single Well Tracer Method (Trachy, Poland) (2007)
    In the Trachy area (Poland, Silesian Voivodeship, area of the city of Trachy), there are 3 landfills on the area of 350 hectars: deposits of black coal mining waste and a slightly less extensive landfill of galvanic sludges and a domestic waste landfill. Landfills cause serious pollution of underground water of the "Górna Odra" water supply and distribution collector by anorganic salts - sulphates, chlorides and heavy metals - nickel, lead, cadmium.

    While designing a concept to redevelop the landfill area and restore the landscape as such, a hydrogeological survey of the area took place, including tests and development of a wide range of research methods.

    RNDr. Petr Kohout invited by the Główny Instytut Górnictwa (GIG) in Katowice to take part in the WaterNorm project as a sampling and research methodology expert lead the development and verification of the Single-Well Tracer Method – to assess hydraulic parameters of the quarternary collector.

    The project was undertaken within the EU Framework Programme 6 (The Marie Curie Programme).

  • Delivery of the Czech Ministry of Environment's Guideline - Waste Sampling Guideline
    Delivery of the Czech Ministry of Environment's Guideline - Waste Sampling Guideline (link to website here
    In 2006 to 2008 RNDr. Petr Kohout was member of the team, which prepared translations of a new range of European waste sampling standards co-operating with the T.G.Masaryk Water Research Institute, Centre for Waste Management. The guideline was published in February 2008. Task Manager was Ing. Marie Kulovaná (VUV - CeHo), other co-authors of the guidelines were: Ing. Pavel Bernáth (Flow-Group, s.r.o.) and Ing. Vít Matějů (ENVISAN-GEM, a.s.).

    The Waste Sampling Guideline takes into account changes of the Czech legislation concerning landfills, waste sampling, analytises pursuant to new European Standards, e.g. ČSN EN 14899 Characterization of Waste — Waste sampling — Sampling programme preparation principles and use as well as other technical documents and regulations.

  • Assessment Of Winter Road Maintenance Risk To Components Of Environment And Human Health

    Assessment Of Winter Road Maintenance Risk To Components Of Environment And Human Health (2007-2008)

    In 2007, the Municipal Authority of the capital city of Prague, Environment protection Dept., placed the order with Forsapi to provide research study evaluating risks connected with the wither road maintenance to components of environment and human health. The study included evaluation of impact the road salt has on the underground water quality, groundwater quality, waste water quality, soil quality, wood plants and air quality. A part of the study covered history of the winter maintenance both in Czech Republic and abroad and recommendations in terms of impact monitoring.

    Czech Hydrometeorological Institute – Customer-Related Audit And Supervision Of Underground Water Monitoring Contractors On The Network Of Quality Of ČHMÚ (2009 – 2010)

    Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Water Quality Dpt., provides programmes of a situational monitoring of underground waters and operational monitoring of underground waters pursuant to Council's Directive No. 2000/60/EC, constitutive framework for activities of the Community in the field of water management policy (Framework Directive) in the Czech Republic Sampling and analyses of the national observational network of underground waters of the CHI and water resources are executed on a basis of public tenders of sub-contractors.

    What CHI ordered was to provide a customer-related audit of laboratories and supervision of sampling teams of individual monitoring providers and verification of fulfillment of technical requirements for the duration of a public contract.

    The customer-related audit of contractors included inter-laboratory comparative tests of samples, verification of fulfillment of the EN ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, quality assessment of laboratory and sampling operations, fulfillment of the sample management standard pursuant to EN ISO 5667-3 etc. Following recommendation of the closing report technical requirements and competences of contractors have been modified in the tendere documentation in order to fulfill public tenders for the period of 2010 – 2012.

    Evaluation And Proposals Of Monitoring Systems To Monitor Impact Of Domestic Waste Landfills Operation On Underground Water And Groundwater

    The Enviprojecter division provides assessment, evaluation and proposals of monitoring systems to control domestic waste landfill operations. Most important clients include the Marius Pedersen a.s. company (www.mariuspedersen.cz)

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