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The most important clients of the Enviprojecter Division include companies dealing with issues of protection of environment and public health, analytical companies, professional bodies, etc.

AECOM CR s.r.o. (www.aecom.cz)

ALS Czech Republic s.r.o. (www.alsglobal.com)

Celio a.s. (www.celio.cz)

Czech Hydrogeologists' Association (www.cah.cz)

Czech Development Agency (www.czda.cz)

Czech Society for Quality (www.csq.cz )

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (www.czu.cz)

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Water Quality Department (www.chmi.cz)

Municipal Authority of the capital city of Prague, Environment Protection Department (www.magistrat.praha-mesto.cz)

Marius Pedersen a.s. (www.mariuspedersen.cz)

City of Nový Bydžov (www.novybydzov.cz)

National Institute of Public Health in Prague 10 (www.szu.cz)

Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Environmental Chemistry Institute (www.vscht.cz)

T.G.Masaryk Water Research Institute, Centre for Waste Management (www.vuv.cz)

Institute of Public Health in Ostrava, Centre of Hygienic Laboratories (www.zuova.cz)

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